Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • Muhammad's birth
  • Before the prophet
  • The angle Gabriel
  • Muhammad was born around 570 in Mecca ,Muhammad's father died before Muhammad was born, and his mother sent him to live with a family of nomads when he was a baby witch is where he learned traditional Arab .
  • Teachings met with rejection
  • After living with the nomadic family Muhammad returned to his mother, but soon after returning his mother passed. that is when he went to live and work with his uncle as a merchant and got married to a woman named Khadijah.
  • Migration
  • Muhammad often spent time at prayer and meditation. One time while meditating in a cave, the angle Gabriel came to him and told Muhammad to spread the word of Allah. Muhammad feared he was going mad but his wife reassured him he was not.
  • Muhammad's death
  • Muhammad started preaching to other Meccans to worship Allah, Muhammad also urged Meccans to take take care of orphans and the poor and because of that many Meccan leaders rejected them because they did not want to share their wealth.
  • After Muhammad's uncles death Muhammad lost his protector and Muslims came under more attacks, because of this Muhammad sought a new home. a group of Arabs came to Muhammad and told him to go to their town of Yathrib and that is where they went.
  • By the time of Muhammad's death most of central and southern Arabia was under the control of Muslims, and when it came time to chose a new leader, they chose Muhammad's friend and father in law Abu Bark who became the first caliph or Muslim ruler.
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