Underground to Canada
Updated: 1/25/2021
Underground to Canada

Storyboard Text

  • Julilly huddled shivering near the cabin door. The plank floor of the cabin was warm and dry. But her feet were cold. Her hands were icy. A strangeness spread about an uneasy quiet before a storm.
  • Then Mammy Sally came, her bare feet silent on the soundless dust. She pulled Julilly close, bending towards the small blue flame.
  • "Who Mammy?"
  • "There's no way of knowing. Massa Hensen's sick and gone away and Missy Hensen says there's no way to keep us all together. Most of us have known no other home".
  • "June Lilly, child,"
  • "You know the slave trader's in our town. Some of the slaves is to be sold"