social studies
Updated: 3/4/2021
social studies

Storyboard Text

  • guilds
  • god i really hate making these shoes for these people with big feet
  • trade and commerce
  • here you go !!
  • homes and households
  • an organization of people in the same craft or trade. This is a shoemaker sitting down making pairs of shoes for the people. he likes his job but gets tired and wants to leave.
  • disease and treatment
  • two men trading gold for land (map). this is an example of trade and commerce. people liked to buy and sell items.
  • crime and punishment
  • a group of medieval town homes. there is also 3 townspeople leaving there homes. towns were very dirty.
  • leisure and entertainment
  • RAH!!
  • since the towns were so dirty diseases spread. people lived crowded together in small spaces and usually bathed only once a week. rats and fleas were common and often carried diseases. this example shows a popular towns person getting taken to a burial sight by horse
  • towns were noisy and crowded and pick pocketing often happened. towns were especially dangerous at night because there were no streetlights. in this example a criminal is reaching into a pocket taking money
  • In medieval times, people engaged in many of the same activities we enjoy today. Children played with dolls and toys, such as wooden swords, balls, and hobbyhorses. in this example a little girl and little boy are playing with a wooden sword