Marco Maya Civilization
Updated: 5/24/2020
Marco Maya Civilization

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  • Introduction
  • Nice to meet you my name is Fabio
  • Hello My name is Marco I will be interviewing you today
  • Facts
  • Well did you knowThe Maya civilization rose in 1800 B.C.E and collapsed in 250 C.E
  • Do you have any facts about the Maya
  • Facts
  • The Maya had a very organized writing system
  • What kind of systems did you use to keep Maya communicative?
  • This is a Mayan named Fabio, and there is me greeting him. To this day there are still a few Mayans that exist.
  • The Mayan civilization lasted for a really long time. In fact the Maya outlasted the Aztec even though the Aztec civilization began after the Maya and ended before.
  • The writing system in the Maya civilization allowed humans to communicate with each other because the Maya was a very srpead out civilization so if it was to far to vist a part of the civilization the Mayans could send