StoryBoard 2nd Period World Studies II

Updated: 10/12/2021
StoryBoard 2nd Period World Studies II

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! I'm Guillermo from South America, which holds many natural resources. Today, I'm going to be going trading for as much money as we can get, as well as selling goods!! Let's start selling our items for money!
  • Hey Guillermo! Can I buy 10 barrels of bananas for $800?
  • Sure! We'll export them to you!
  • Hey Guillermo! Do you think I could buy some coffee, which is a renewable resource? I'll buy it for $550.
  • Sure! $550 sounds good! I'll get it over to you soon!
  • Messenger
  • I can sell it to you for $250. Is that okay?
  • Hey Donald! Can I buy coal, which is a nonrenewable resource for $200?
  • Sure!
  • Big Coffee
  • *on phone* Hey Sophie! Can I buy some fish from you for $1K?
  • *on phone* Sure Guillermo! We'll import the fish to you shortly!
  • *on phone* Great! Thank you Sophie!
  • Furniture
  • Coffee for $2
  • Today was pretty good! We sold some items, as well as getting more resources for our continent! Now we can relax!
  • Market System Increase!
  • News at 10