Updated: 2/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • In the hospital it was very busy, many people appointed for check-ups and some got check due to their COVID 19 symptoms so more medical supplies are needed so one nurse rushes to get more.
  • I'm sorry but the next batch of medical supplies will come after 3 days because the company is making a lot of deliveries too
  • When the nurse enters the supply room, there was a handful number medical supplies left that shocked her.
  • She went back up and ran to this place and told the problem to the person there since that person is apparently in charge of the delivery of medical supplies in their hospital.
  • The person told her that the next batch of medical supplies will come after a few days.
  • She walked away and lowered her head because of how sad and worried she is but then she saw something in the floor.
  • She crouch down to see and it's a calling card for a company named Speedmed and it says that this delivering company delivers medical supplies in a fast and efficient manner.