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Updated: 9/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Whats wrong Coyote?
  • I really wish I could have a wife, but I don't know who to pick!
  • Hmm. I think you should pick Cheif Hawk's daughter. Her dad went missing so you wouldent need to be stressed about asking his permision.
  • Good idea!
  • What are you doing here??
  • He said what??
  • Oh um... Bat told me that you daughter could be me wife. But he said you wouldnt be here.
  • Ugh of corse it was Bat! What kind of person sets that up behind somones back?? I HAVE to find him.
  • Bat saw that Coyote was confused.
  • Bat wanted to help Coyote by suggesting The Cheif Hawk's daughter. (Turns out he was wrong!)
  • Bat how dare you sugest my daughter to Coyote!
  • Coyote was shocked to find the Cheif Hawk with his daughter! When he told him that Bat suggested the idea they where shocked.
  • Ahh someone help me!
  • The chief hawk was furious when he found out.
  • Once he found Bat he was so mad that he threw him into a bush.
  • Omg ahhhh!
  • No matter how hard he tried Bat could not get out of the bush. He was stuck upside down. That's how bats started hanging upside down according to the Apaches.