unification of italy
Updated: 2/13/2021
unification of italy

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  • Italy was divided into "independant" states, but not really because they were controlled by larger powers. Since the fall of Rome, there were no real calls for unification.
  • I'm in Naples, and I'm "independent"
  • I'm in Sicily and I'm "independent".
  • I'm in Sardinia and I'm "independent".
  • Italy joined many revolutions across Europe in 1848, so Milan and Venice rose up against Austria, Sicily fought for independence from Naples, etc. These rebellions were crushed and this First Italian war for independence failed. 
  • Darnit, I'm still only kindof independent too.
  • Darnit, I'm still only kindof independent too.
  • Darnit, I'm still only kindof independent.
  • In the 1850's, King Victor Emmanuel of Sardinia got French support in the Franco Piedmont Alliance against Austria. The attack in 1858 started the 2nd war of Italian independence.
  • I, Napolean, will help you fight against Austria, in exchange for Nice and Savoy! I'll be your powerful ally.
  • I, King Victor, agree to that, and thank you for helping us beat the Austrians.
  • Mid-1860, Sicilian revolutionary persuaded Giuseppe Garibaldi to launch invasion of Sicily. Garibaldi, with his "Red Shirt" fighters, took Sicily, and then Naples. He hoped to take Rome, but had to stop because Rome was still occupied by French troops. Garibaldi handed over his conquests to King Victor.
  • We, Garibaldi's Red Shirts are off to take Sicily!
  • Hooray! Welcome to Rome, our new capital of the unified country of Italy!
  • In 1861, the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed, except for Venice and Rome, which were both included by 1870. Rome was then declared the capital of the newly unified Italy.
  • Effects of Italian unification included: problems because only a small number of the population spoke the same language, the economies and cultures of the North and South were very different, and after land reforms, millions of people emigrated out of Italy. Globally, Italy was becoming a European empire, but was upsetting the balance of power in Europe, and the alliances formed during the unification process would help start WWI.
  • I feel a war coming on......
  • Nobody understands us, we're out of here....