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Stay safe
Updated: 10/17/2020
Stay safe
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  • Hi,i am aidenToday I will give yousome tips and precaution during this pandemic
  • So,the first and most important thing is washing your hands
  • You should wash your hands for at least for 20 seconds
  • If you return from somewhere you should wash your hands
  • You should wash your hands before and after you eat
  • The second thing is taking precautions during this time.
  • Do not touch anywhere and don’t go near people that are sick and people that don’t wear masks
  • Also you should practice social distancing for at least 2 meters
  • Always wear masks and gloves while going anywhere
  • Disinfect all your household surfaces with a anti-bacterial liquid
  • The third thing is your household cleanliness
  • While coughing u should cover your mouth
  • If any liquid or any unclean substances fall on the floor or any surfaces you should imeditialyclean it
  • Oh no!its coronai need to do something fast
  • Oh!I have an idealet me use my alcohol-based spray and wear my mask
  • So,remember always stay safestay homestay safe
  • Phew!now it’s gone
  • oh no!its corona
  • Phew!its gone now
  • oh no!its corona
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