Earnest Dinner
Updated: 7/22/2020
Earnest Dinner
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  • Huzzah! At least you understand the power you hold with your female sexuality! If only my mother were as chaste as you
  • Oh the power women hold to change the viewpoints of a man
  • Our current world is far away from peace. I am gather women to withhold sex from their husbands to better society!
  • It is in my best understanding to follow your fate towards the woman
  • If only my uncle could have understood the importance of temperance and chastity needed to overcome the lust of women
  • It is this innate power over man that women hold that made me fall for both Cecily and Gwendolyn
  • You must follow the women that belongs toward the fate of your life
  • I knew i was right...
  • Perhaps...Hamlet has a point here.
  • I disagree with this power notion. The fate of life is to be disappointing and livelihood is marked with nothing but sorrow and suffering
  • If you have the best intention in mind, then the outcome will certainly be true
  • You gentlemen should figure a way to live both of the lives that you are missing.
  • Oedipus, Lysistrata, Hamlet, and Earnest all find themselves at a dinner hosted by Earnest. Lysistrata begins with a suggestion that ignites a fiery discussion full of thoughts and complaints from the rest of the guests.
  • Perhaps this awful fate that drove me to suffering is akin to that Hamlet speaks of
  • By living a double life, I have found a deeper undertanding to the world we are living in
  • Here we find Earnest agreeing with Lysistrata, as he understands the power that a woman can have on the positions of a man.
  • My people suffering under my name is hard to overcome, my friend.
  • Coming off of the subject of the power of women, Hamlet begins to voice his distrust in the world and life itself, much to the disagreement of Oedipus.
  • Perhaps life is more to be observed, and living righteously and honestly is more important that hedonism
  • So long for self empowerment i guess!
  • Understanding is pointless when you yourself is who causes suffering
  • If life were any different than a fate of suffering, then Claudius would never have killed my father and I would not be this depressed
  • Hamlet begins to become emotional, as he did throughout most of the play. Oedipus sympathizes, as he suffered towards the end of the play as well.
  • If only men gave this deep of a thought to the Peloponnesian war occuring...
  • Is he suggesting that we come to peace with the happenings around us? Perplexing!
  • Earnest teaches how his original plan to live a double life was working in his favor, and how by being with both Cecily and Gwendolyn taught him much about the class system in England.
  • I find it hard to avoid taking action in hard times, especially during war...
  • I agree, Earnest. Understanding how to live, especially during confusing times like ours, is very important
  • They all add their musings about what they have learned from speaking about their philosophies.
  • However, Oedipus, defeating suffering through one's own power is fulfilling
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