Updated: 2/12/2021

Storyboard Text

  • One day, Ms. Chlorine was crying...
  • I can't do this! I need one more valence electron
  • Why do I feel like I'm not complete!
  • Hmm... why does the element over there seem so sad... I want to make her feel better.
  • Oh! Mr. Sodium, it's you! *sighs* It's just that I'm missing one electron and I can't achieve the Octet Rule because of that.
  • Hey... Why are you crying Ms. Chlorine?
  • OH MY ION! Thank you so much. I can take because I'm a nonmetal and that way we can both achieve the Octet Rule.
  • Well... It turns out that I actually have an extra electron. I can give it to you since I'm a metal
  • Here... Now I will be Cation and you will be an Anion!
  • YES! Now we are NaCl. We formed an Ionic Bond.
  • Ions are formed by the addition of electrons to, or the removal of electrons from, neutral atoms or molecules or other ions; by combination of ions with other particles; or by rupture of a covalent bond between two atoms in such a way that both of the electrons of the bond are left in association with one of the formerly bonded atoms.
  • Sodium x Chlorine