Freedom Riders

Updated: 6/15/2020
Freedom Riders

Storyboard Text

  • BEN(boldly)Are you ready, Stokely? You look scaredI(pacing back and forth, speaking in a snarky tone) How in the world are we going to change the world? This plan seems like it's only going to cause us trouble.
  • BEN(confidently)The world is going to see what the South is really like for once. They’re going to see black and white kids working for a common goal. It can’t keep being this way.I (defiant)I’m not going to fight for the sake of doing so. We’re trained in non-violence, Ben. This isn’t the way.
  • JAMES Are you boys doing alright? I know that was quite the scare in Rock Hill. (Kirk, 2011, p. 82) BENWe understand. This is about reaching a wider audience.
  • (throwing his hands up in amazement)Gentlemen, welcome to CORE. Are you ready to change the world?
  • I BEN Do you hear John or Albert complaining at all to what happened to them in South Carolina. (Raeburn, 2011, p. 932) I(angrily)They were attacked for entering a waiting area. A waiting area! He’s a white kid from Boston, what do you think they’ll do to us? (Raeburn, 2011, p. 932)
  • BENWelcome to the Jim Crow South. It’s not going to get any prettier the deeper we dive into the beast here. I Defiance and pride seem to be our calling cards as of late.