My 4th period project--Alyssa W.
Updated: 12/10/2019
My 4th period project--Alyssa W.
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  • Fredonian Rebellion
  • RUN!
  • Mier y Teran Report
  • Law of April 6th 1830
  • Haden Edwards recieved his empresario contract in 1825.The contract stated he had to respect the "old settlers".It enraged the old settlers when Haden Edwards demanded that they pay him.The old settlers had told the government and they canceled his contract.Stephen F. Austin called the Militia and chased off Haden Edwards and his followers.
  • The Grass Fight
  • Mexican Influence in Texas decreased as one moved northward and eastward.Around Nacogdoches, settlers from the United States outnumbered Tejanos by 10 to 1.The American Influence, particularly in East Texas, was growing stronger everyday.Increase trade between Texas and Mexican to discourage trade with the United States.
  • Didn't Do :(
  • Intended to strictly control the American presence in Texas.It banned immigration from the United States.Banning immigration made it illegal for settlers to bring more slaves into Texas.The law also suspended unfilled empresario contracts.Only a few empresarios, including Stephen F. Austin and Green Dewitt, were allowed to keep their contracts.
  • Didn't Do :(
  • Eraster "deaf" Smith reported reported more than 100 Mexican Soldiers with pack animals.A rumor quickly spread that the soldiers were carrying silver. Burleson sent troops to ambush the Mexicans and seize their silver.The troops defeated the soldiers and took their cargo which turned out to be just grass.
  • I was fixing to work on it but the bell rang :( ...
  • I couldn't get it done because I was doing homework for mrs. Gilbert and mrs. Munden.
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