QutBudddin Aibak
Updated: 3/15/2021
QutBudddin Aibak

Storyboard Text

  • Qutbudddin Aibak was a Turk and was sold off as a slave when he was young
  • He joined the army of Ghor. He rose his rank because of his hard work and became a general
  • He built two mosques, one in Delhi and one at Ajmer
  • He faced the stubborn resistance of Rajputs.
  • Qutbuddin Aibak had conquered India. One of his prisoner had a horse. The prisoner tried to escape many times so Qutbuddin decided to behead him. He wanted to play a Polo Match before beheading him. He was riding on the horse of that prisoner. The horse was so loyal to his master that when he saw his masters head was about to be cut, he pushed Qutbuddin somehow and he fell to the ground. The horse kicked him 13-14 and he was dead at the spot.
  • He proved to be a wise ruler. He treated Hindus with care and left the local administration in the hands of People after conquering India.
  • He made the Mamluk Dynasty which was basically a slave dynasty as Qutbuddin was also a slave. The Mamluk Dynasty ruled for 84 years
  • He only ruled for 4 years. He died in Lahore during a polo match and is buried there.