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Updated: 12/17/2019
Unknown Story
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  • " Do unto others as you would have done to yourself."
  • "You shall obey me."
  • In 551 BC, a baby was born to teach one of the most popular and important philosophies. He was born in Lu, a dynasty in China. His mother Yan Zhengzai cares for him.
  • Go!
  • When he grows up, with his mother gone, he decides to make his home into a school out of thirst for knowledge. He taught manners or the Li as well as Filial Piety which meant a respect towards parents.
  • I refuse to!
  • You are under arrest!
  • He wanted people to learn the 5 bonds so people learn who they need to respect upon. One important relationship was the bond between the Father and Son. He said that people on the right always follow and respect those on the left.
  • Overtime, he changes positions and upgrades himself to the Chancelor of Lu. Lots of conflict was happening especially with the Prince of Lu. Confucius was enraged knowing that the Prince was corrupted.
  • He thought that people are suppose to be socially organized and that they exist for that manner. He said, "If man is led by laws and obedience to them is enforced by the threat of punishment, he will to avoid this punishment , but never be ashamed of his Misdemeanours."
  • In his deathbed, Confucius dies of natural causes in 479 BC knowing that he did not influence China.
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