Unknown Story

Updated: 5/22/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Once upon a time there was a guinea pig. Her name was hazel. She wanted to go to a special party for small animals. She asked her step mother if she could go but her step mother said no.
  • Hazel really wanted to go so she tried to run away. Her step mother caught her, tied her up, and hid her in the wheat next to their house. Hazel wasn’t surprised, because her step mother was always mean to her.
  • Hazels step mother left her in the wheat and went to the party. She talked to other small animals. She also worried hazel might escape.
  • Hazel tried and tried to untie herself but she could not. She looked to to try again and saw her necklace that she had lost in the wheat one day.
  • Hazel wished that she was untied so she could go to the party. then a stream of yellow light came out of the necklace. THE NECKLACE WAS MAGIC! it was so bright that Hazel closed her eyes. when she open them the light and the ropes were gone.
  • She’s ran to the party and saw that the ropes were tied around her step mother! She had lots of fun and there was cake.  THE END!