Govt. Project
Updated: 11/13/2020
Govt. Project

Storyboard Text

  • There needs to be dedicated spots for people like me
  • I just emailed the senators. I hope it gets through.
  • Sir, I'd like to introduce a bill for all buses to have a place for those with wheel chairs
  • We'll pass this on to a committee
  • After voting, it seems that we support this bill
  • We'll pass this on to the House of Representatives and the Senate
  • As both bodies of Congress approve of the bill, they then pass it on to the president.
  • We, the House of Representatives, approve this bill
  • We, the Senate, approve of this bill
  • When the president approves and signs the bill, it becomes a law and goes into effect.
  • This bill is good, I'll sign it
  • Handicap
  • It's nice that there's place dedicated for people like me