no smaoking
Updated: 6/3/2020
no smaoking

Storyboard Text

  • I wonder what my kids from school are doing over here?
  • What are you guys doing in the alley behind the buildings at night? I was just throwing away the garbage.
  • Hey, we were just smoking, do you to also smoke with us?
  • No!
  • Why wouldn't you smoke it is so cool?
  • I don't want to smoke because it is bad for you health, and it can cause cancer. I think you guys should not smoke either.
  • Wow, I never knew smoking is that bad!
  • We will never smoke again, knowing all the side effects!
  • Come on, lets go and throw away this garbage and the cigarette boxes!
  • Ya, lets go!
  • Thanks for saving our lives!
  • Now that this is done, you guys should come to my house for ice cream!
  • And yes to the ice cream!