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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story
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  • stamp act 1765
  • I m very angry ooooh
  • this stamp act is very bad
  • quartering act 1765
  • you must provide food and shelter.
  • leave of house.
  • boston massacre 1770
  • not more British troops
  • not more colonists
  • 1 all legal document need an official stamp to show that tax had been paid 2 colonists were angry.
  • tea act 1773
  • the colonists have to pay tax on this tea.
  • we are very angry.
  • 1 colonists must provide food and shelter to british troop 2 quartering troops saved parliament money colonists were angry they were forced to open their homes.
  • Boston tea party 1773
  • we dump tea hundreeds into of Boston harbor
  • 1 group colonists yelled insult at british soldiers fired and killed five colonists 2 colonists used this event to crease hatred of the british.
  • Intolerable act 1774
  • declare that war ohh very angry
  • 1 the british east india company given control over the american tea 2 salesman were very angry colonists protested all over the colonies.
  • 1 colonists disguised as american indians 2 colonists dump hundreeds of chests of tea into boston harbor.
  • 1 laws pass by parliament to punish massachusets colony 2 british goverment closed boston harbor until colonists paid for destroyed tea.
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