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Oedipus the King - ONGKINGCO
Updated: 10/6/2020
Oedipus the King - ONGKINGCO
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  • Dear Priest, I apologize. I can clearly see and understand your pain, but I am not capable of solving this plague alone. Thus, I called upon Creon to go to Apollo's home at Pytho to tell me what I shall do to save our city.
  • King Oedipus, We are experiencing great drought brought by the plague. Infertility and labor is put to vain. Since you have answered the Spinx's riddle, you must know how to finish this.
  • Look, Your Highness. It seems as though Creon's visit to Apollo was successful and our plague might end!
  • Phoebus had told me to drive off pollution that designates in our land. The killer of the former king of Thebes, King Laius.
  • Then we must find him as soon as we can to end this plague! Hail Tiresias over so I could express my inquiries to him.
  • King Laius? I don't think i've ever heard of this King. When and where did he die, Creon?
  • The former King Laius, had left to consult an oracle yet mysteriously never returned. It is said that he can be found in this very land and that only one of his servants are alive up to this day.
  • What nonsense are you uttering, Tiresias? Do not provoke me and answer me directly.
  • How dare you come here in my own palace to sputter such nonsense?! Head home before I let the guards seize you!
  • I am wise, Oedipus. I know the affairs of the living and the dead. So believe me when i tell you that you are the killer of Laius.
  • Alas, Alas! You have called upon me to ask the burning question, have you? Do you dare ask me who the killer ofKing Laius is?
  • Oedipus! You should listen to Tiresias and be keen on your actions for he is wise! I refuse to let you kill him!
  • Then leave! How childish of you both to plot against me!
  • Do you never question who your parents truly are? Do you think you are actually from Corinth?
  • I understand your suspicions, My love. But believe me when i tell you that it is impossible you are the killer of the old King. Do not further look into it for i am certain.
  • I apologize, My Queen but I have to find the solution to the plague of our city.
  • Queen, He didsays earlier, but he asked a question that sparked my mind. Am I really the killer of your former spouse? Are my parents impostors?
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