Updated: 12/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The US enters and wins WWI
  • We have won the greatest conflict in human history.
  • Limits on immigration
  • These immigration rules are so strict. Luckily I immigrated before they were put in place.
  • US puts up tariffs
  • These new tariffs have made everything I want so expensive!
  • The president declares victory for the US and their Allies
  • US becomes pacifist
  • An immigrant says how lucky he is to immigrate before all of the new immigration restrictions were put in place.
  • Kellogg-Brian’s Peace Pact
  • A citizen is upset at how expensive things are because of the new tariffs
  • US collects money from Allies
  • Americans protest making peace over war.
  • The peace pact is made and war is made illegal
  • War is no more
  • The US ask for the money back that it lent the Allies.
  • Give me back my money I lent you.
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