Updated: 2/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Decartes what is our mind?
  • My young friend, our mind is everything we are. WE CANNOT TRUST OUR PHYSICAL SELFS
  • Why? I can feel the air and the water
  • What we think we know is a lie. All we know is that our mind exists
  • We only know this because of our ability to question our reality.
  • So what is the point of this fake body? Who is behind this?
  • We must be mindful he could be around. It is a little brilliant guy trying to trick us.
  • How do you know I am real then? How am I not a trick?
  • There is no way he followed us here
  • You very well could be Locke, one thing for certain is these bodies are not real.
  • Maybe you are right Descartes, but what do I know i'm just a child.