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SS ancient china
Updated: 2/20/2020
SS ancient china
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  • Abominations
  • I wont do it again i promise.
  • Philosophy
  • Good morning
  • Inventions
  • Making an invention is hard and confusing.
  • Abomination is basically rules that where created by the high tier people like the richer people and if you broke them then you would be sent to prison and most likely tortured and this effected them because that would mean there slowly killing there population.
  • Dynasty
  • Philosophy is one of the three dynasty/religions and i choose Confucianism and all the people that followed Confucianism only wanted peace but that never worked cause there was war and more to suffer.
  • Geography
  • Invention machine hand made or made by hand kind most likely a deice means Back then making an invention was hard and most people where poor so making one would take a lot of money from the poor but if it worked out it would help them.
  • Daoism(Taoism)
  • Only if there where solutions to everything.
  • A dynasty is a line of heritage meaning higher rank people like he (1st) emperor in the middle, (2nd) Shogun on the left and a (X rank) normal soldier on the right this only effected the poorness of some because most people where farmers and poor unlike the soldiers and other high rankers.
  • The shape or form of land is the definition and china geography is they where surrounded by mountains and river which gave them protection but kept them inside the mountain range or river range keeping them inside
  • Why cant i leave.
  • Just like Confucianism they tried finding answers to problems or they tried to prevent problems wanting peace and they where a dynasty/religion having a lot of followers.
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