Unknown Story
Updated: 6/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Alan
  • Alan finally saw the pictures of Maria spending her nights over a man's house
  • Maria
  • *Alan thinking Maria's doing the nightshifts*
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  • Rick
  • I have to contact this man to find everything out
  • ARE YOU SERIOUS? I actually thought you loved me
  • Does that mean she never even loved me?
  • After being so angry he calmed down and got really sad.
  • Ok.. I see but I'm down
  • Once Alan told Rick about everything, he broke up with Maria.She ended up depressed and lonely.
  • Maria begged Alan for another chance, even though Alan was already filing the divorce papers.
  • They met up and decided to hang out another time
  • 2 Years LATERRR
  • Alan had to contact Rick and ask many questions