Updated: 4/3/2020
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  • 1. I have long legs so I can go deeper in water.2.I have a curved beak to help with filter feeding.3.I stand on one leg at a time so I can rest half of my body.4.I lay one egg at a time.5.I am found in colonies so we can protect each other.
  • 1.I can spend months in the water at a time.2. I hunch my head into my body when swimming to reduce drag when swimming.3.I have solid, dense bones to overcome buyoncy.4.I slightly inhale before I dive to maintain oxygen storage.5. I increase sleep when fasting.
  • 1. I have finger bones to help stabilize my wing membrane.2. I fly at night so my wings aren't exposed to that heat.3. I sleep upside down so my wings are available. 4. Because it is dark when I fly, I use my hearing instead.4. I eat fish so I have big and sharp claws to catch them.
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