fungi stuff
Updated: 1/20/2020
fungi stuff
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  • Fungi like the mushroom below reproduce with spores. they sent them out through their gills.
  • the shark is dead and found its self in a river the mushroom put a spore on it
  • the mold is growing on the organge because when the spores are spread they go every where and not all of them find food. the mold is a fungi.
  • now we are zoomed in on what a fungi looks like
  • this is what their cells look like. they are Eukaryota. Eukaryota means true cells. they have a cell wall made of chitin.
  • the fungi sent out spores to find food but one found the dead deer and they rest went on trees and other stuff.
  • some one left their orange out too long and it grew mold, then the mold gave out spores and it landed on an apple that had been their too long,
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