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Thenuk Chandrasekera Period 3 Social Studies
Updated: 3/26/2020
Thenuk Chandrasekera Period 3 Social Studies
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  • Extraodinary Problems
  • I will not obey your commands Mexican officals!!!!
  • Obey my commands. I am a Mexican offical!!!!!
  • The Texans rebellion
  • revolution, revolution!!!!!!
  • The War
  • fire!!!
  • Americans started immagrating to Texas when Mexico still controlled it. Americans were not respectful and did not obey orders from the Mexican officials. The American refused to learn Spanish even though most of the books were in Spanish. Americans were used to governing themselves so this is why they would not obey commands from the Mexican officials. This made Mexico made and closed immigration to Texas.
  • The War Part 2
  • Many Texans were upset so they protested against the Mexican officials to reopen immigration. A group led by William Travis demanded for a revolution. Stephen F. Austin was arrested protesting to reopen immagration and to make Texas a seperate state.
  • Independence
  • The Texans and the Almo went to war against eachother. General Santa Anna held up a black flag which meant no mercy. Travis kept firing cannonballs at the almo.
  • To take over Texas or not
  • For 12 days the Texans fired cannon balls at the Almo. The Texans tried to fight of the attackers with rifle fire. The Texans had won and any member of Santa Anna's army was executed or already dead.
  • Sam Huston, the leader of the Texas army lured Santa Anna deeper into Texas. In April, Santa Anna caught up with Huston near San Jacinto(river). Santa Anna expected to attack them but they didn't so he took a nap in his tent. Sam Huston did a surprise attack on the Almo and stormed the Mexican camp. Santa Anna was captured by the Texans and exchange for his freedom, he ordered all his remaining troops out of Texas.
  • Texas earned the name lone star republic. Some people in the United States wanted to Annex Texas. Southerners wanted another slave trade. After Polk was elected, Congress voted to annex Texas. In 1845, Texas was admitted as the 28th state of the U.S.
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