The Spread of Buddhism 1.2
Updated: 2/23/2021
The Spread of Buddhism 1.2

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  • The Spread of Buddhism1.2
  • Buddhism In China
  • In bad times Chinese turned to the religion Buddhism
  • This working is exhausting
  • The fall of the Han dynasty put China in chaos
  • Follow the Four Noble Truths  and you'll be fine
  • The Four Noble Truths1: Life is full of suffering 2: The cause of suffering is desire and ignorance 3: To end the cycle of desire is to end suffering 4: In can be free of desires by following the Eightfold path
  • Buddhism teaching provided comfort and offered a clear path beyond suffering
  • Buddhism In China (Part,2)
  • Emperors promoted buddhism to get support
  • YAY!! I reached nirvana
  • Nirvana: The end of reincarnation and the suffering of life
  • I will support Buddhism
  • Traders brought Buddhism to to China around the first century
  • Buddhism spread to Asia, Korea, and Japan
  • Impact on Confucianism
  • Confucianism made a comeback after the civil war ended, around the 600s
  • Confucianism principles of respect, responsibility, loyalty, and duty to family and the state became popular once again
  • Buddhism encouraged moral behavior but played down the importance of obedience
  • Impact on Confucianism (Part,2)
  • You MUST obey me!
  • Confucianism once more emerged as an important part of Chineses society
  • Summary
  • Buddhism helped to provide comfort
  • After the collapse of the Han dynasty in A.D 200 Chinese turned to Buddhism.
  • Buddhism was very promoted and suggested for people