Issac sacrificed
Updated: 12/2/2020
Issac sacrificed

Storyboard Text

  • Abraham Sacrific's Issac
  • Take your son the only one who you love, and sacrifice him. will show you!
  • I need to trust and obey God
  • God wanted Abraham to sacrifice Issac, as a test from God.
  • God will provide us with one
  • Where is the lamb?
  • Abraham got wood for Issca to sacrifice him.
  • Abraham layed down the wood and was about to sacrifice Issac, untill...
  • I am sorry my son
  • I am here
  • An Angel of the lord called out to Abraham to stop, he told Abraham "Now i know you fear the Lord".
  • Abraham, Abraham! Don't put a hand on that boy!
  • I am so happy
  • On the mountain it will be provided
  • Abraham looked and saw ram to sacrifice.