Discussion: Giver meets Anthem (Class Mon/Tues)
Updated: 2/8/2021
Discussion: Giver meets Anthem (Class Mon/Tues)

Storyboard Text

  • I didn't know anyone else was in these woods. I'm Jonas, who are you?
  • Where I come from, our sole purpose is to support our brothers we aren't even allowed to speak in the first person
  • I am Prometheus
  • Wow, in my community, everything is preplanned and we also lack individuality
  • I got to these woods after escaping my society, how did you end up here?
  • I also run away and looking for a place to stay
  • Let's continue this conversation at my house
  • In my society, the past is hidden from most. It's called the "unmentionable times".
  • That's crazy, our past is kept from us too!
  • Our societies are so similar.
  • I know!