Cats in The Dark
Updated: 5/18/2020
Cats in The Dark
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Cats in The Dark Not everyone likes cats. They can be mean, creepy, and their eyes glow in the dark! Not everyone, however, knows WHY they’re eyes glow. They were not always like that. Once, long ago, the first cats had perfectly normal eyes. They were blissful and happy, sleeping all day and all night, eating field mice all day. But then, one day, small lights started appearing. At first one, then three, then hundreds appeared in the fields at night. The cats felt tortured by the fact that no matter how hard they tried, they could never capture one of these small flying lights, later named fireflies. Whenever the got near them they would go away. Finally, when it seemed all hope was lost, the smallest cat of all waited and waited, much more patiently than the other cats, for one of the lights to come near enough for him to catch it. All the other cats looked at him in wonder in the darkness, squinting to see him. Suddenly, the smallest cat opened his eyes wide and his eyes seemed to glow. He could now see clearly thanks to the fireflies light and the other cats trained to be as patient and the small cat. One after another, they learned to prowl in the grass and gain the ability to see in the dark by waiting patiently to catch the bugs.
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