Slaves no more

Updated: 9/3/2021
Slaves no more

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • It was Christmas Eve and was the day Ann and her friends will escape. It was the day with the festival too. Tilda would always scold Ann and remind her that she can't escape and belongs to the big house.
  • climax
  • In the morning they all ate nicely and has been the most nice meal ever in all year. Their owners get entertained by the slaves. Later at the ball, Ann went and tapped on Fred's shoulder to remind him that they had to leave.
  • falling action
  • Ann was the last to leave the festival and met up with Sis,Tom,Fannie, Fred, and Nat at the barn and took off. They took a rest at Ol's solomon's barn then continued their journey afterwards.
  • resolution
  • They continued their journey and things were going smoothly, until they heard more horse galloping sounds than they should be hearing. It's the hunters coming for them.
  • The hunter pointed the gun towards ann and threaten to shoot her and her friends. Ann didn't fear because she told the hunter that if they killed Ann and her friends right now , they won't be able to sell Ann and her friends anymore.
  • Atlast the journey has ended and they've now arrived in Philadephia. And sang to their song " Here in Philladepia we'll be slaves no more!"