a long way to go

Updated: 8/19/2021
a long way to go

Storyboard Text

  • come on leave every thing here and be qiute. 
  • look here comes the boat!
  • some people are forsed to live in houses like this one, and if they have a matrise they are super lucky.
  • people leave there homes so they ca live somewere better but these people are going in secret because were they live noboadys alowed to leave.
  • look theres land!
  • normaly they go by boat to find a better place.
  • we are so happy we left.
  • i wish we could have took everyone with us.
  • these things are organised by night or when its rainy so people cant see them leave.
  • it can take up to a day or two to arive.
  • after a year they are realy happy about the choice they made but they miss the family they leaft behind.