Unification of the Qin Dynasty
Updated: 5/10/2020
Unification of the Qin Dynasty
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  • 你好,我叫張
  • Hello my name is Chang
  • 很高興見到你
  • Nice to meet you
  • During the Zhou dynasty, Qin was one of the warring states. In 221 B.C, Qins’s king Zheng was able to unite China and defeat the rival kingdoms which then united China.
  • Here is the money for the medecine.
  • Before the unification, Chinese built walls to protect themselves from invasions. So then Shi Huangdi began the work of one of the largest public works in history which united china because it took many slaves and decades to complete. It also provided protection for the Chinese from invaders. 
  • You will be executed as a result of you killing the woman
  • Hope you enjoyed
  • Shi Huangdi created a single writing system for china. This writing system created a united way of writing so that it would be easier to write and be understood. The characters that were used in the writing system are now the basis of the Chinese language.
  • Shi Huangdi created a united currency across China Which allowed the government to collect taxes and made trade easier for the Chinese population.
  • A legal system was created across China which meant that there will be penelties to whoever breaks the law. This system made the empire grow in strength and stay in order. This also made all people equal and crated unity in the population
  • By:Sarah AlNasser 10H
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