Journal 7
Updated: 2/22/2021
Journal 7

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  • shy boy
  • I love the early 2000's and being a kid.
  • me as a kid
  • current me
  • 2020 is not my best year
  • completely different from past
  • oh ok :-)
  • no you should do it more like this not like that Jorge
  • adds to crticism
  • people with authority
  • just takes information
  • metaphor for who I am
  • I am as shy as a meerkat. I think I am writing good though
  • who I felt I was
  • I know I am writing some good stuff and don't need help
  • you should add this
  • power of friendship
  • thanks for the input. I didn't catch that. what do you think of this
  • write it more like this