Latin Comic Strip
Updated: 4/1/2021
Latin Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • It is possible for you to dry your tears. Immortal gods! Vilbia! You have a beard? What happened to you? Oh!
  • Yes! I was so worried.
  • Scoundrel! Do you dare to take away my Vilbia, who I love very much? Now it is easy for me to kill you.
  • I am dying! I am dying! Spare me! Spare me!
  • Don’t kill me. I give back Vilbia to you. I don’t want to steal her from you. I do not love Vilbia.
  • My Vilbia, it is proper for the victor to spare the conquered.
  • You do not love me? Oh cowardly man! I want to kill you myself.
  • My Bulbus, my darling, I am miserable! I made a big mistake.
  • Do not cry! I can look after you.
  • Oh Bulbus! Oh my heart-throb!