Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • holy cow how did they make it to Washington.
  • You take Washington's portrait and let don't the British see you
  • I won't leave till we geteverything
  • You have to ,get out of here
  • On august 24 the British attacked Washington with 4250 soldiers.
  • I will miss the house
  • When Dolley Madison was told about the British she told the servants To gather everything that they can save from the house.
  • Well look at this boys. EAT UP!
  • Dolley Madison would not leave the white house while everyone was gathering everything they can
  • She only left the white house once her and the servants has grabbed everything they could. Dolley Madison got out by horse
  • When the British came into the white house they found the food that Dolley Madison has made for her husband, which they ate.
  • After the British ate the food, they burned down the white house. the structure of the house did not burn down since it was made out of bricks but everything left behind inside burned.