Frankish Movie
Updated: 2/17/2020
Frankish Movie
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  • If thou shalt grant me victory over these enemies… I will believe in thee and be baptized in thy name!
  • We musn't wait any longer — this is our chance! Our enemies are in a confused frenzy! ATTACK!
  • Under the name of God, I hereby pronounce you, Pepin, King of the Franks.
  • Here, Clovis desperately pleads with God to help him win the battle. Following his victory, Clovis later goes on to acknowledge the Christian God through baptism. He officially becomes the first Frankish king to accept Christianity.
  • In this scene, Charles Martel is shown leading his forces in the Battle of Tours. In this battle, which occurs in the year 732, Martel defeats the Arab and Berber Muslims.
  • HUZZAH! Hail the Basques!
  • Alas! Our beloved Roland has been slain!
  • Here, with the help of the Pope, Pepin "the Short" starts a new dynasty. By swearing to protect the Christain people and maintain Christian faith, he becomes the first Frankish king to be anointed by the Pope.
  • Father, I think I should take the throne.
  • A throne would suit you all ill. It is I who should take over!
  • SILENCE!Sons, I have decided. It is best if you all share the throne. Each one of you may rule different sections of the land.
  • In this scene, Charlemagne is shown spreading Christianity "at the tip of a sword." Keen on spreading the Christian faith across all of his territories, Charlemagne presents the Germanic pagans (non-Christians) with an ultimatum: convert or die!
  • Here, Roland, Charlemagne's nephew, who was a rearguard Frankish warrior at the time, is shown dead. He is slain by the Basques (Spain), who famously ambush Charlemagne's army — catching them by surprise. A famous French song called The Song of Roland describes this legendary scene.
  • Here, Louis the Pious's sons are shown bickering over who should take the throne next. Louis decides that it would be best to divide the empire, with each son ruling a different part of the land. This, it turns out, weakens the empire.
  • I think we all know that I am the most capable.
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