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Updated: 1/24/2021
English HLOF

Storyboard Text

  • Event #1: The Protest
  • "I mean it's kinda messed up that we're protesting a drug dealer's death." (Thomas.11.11)
  • Event #2: The DA's Call
  • "The case has turned over to their office, and they're preparing to take it to a grand jury. A jury will decide if charges should be brought against Officer Cruise." (Thomas.12.176)
  • Event #3: The argument
  • "A minority alliance?" (Thomas.14.136)
  • "We can't keep getting away with saying stuff like that, okay?" (Thomas.14.135)
  • "Hell, yeah" (Thomas.14.137)
  • This is a important to the story because it truly shows Hailey's character because this is the first time that she directly makes a comment like this. This upsets Starr because Hailey is saying that her friend deserved to die, and the only reason that she is "protesting" is just to skip class. This event presents a major conflict between Starr and Hailey because their relationship wasn't strong to begin with and now, things have gotten much, much worse and will probably continue to be that way as the story progresses.
  • This is a major plot point because it is a potential resolution for both Starr and for her community. If the jury does press charges, then the Starr and the community would most likely be content because Khalil would have justice. On the other hand, this could also cause more conflict because if the grand jury does not do anything, the riots would continue and may even get worse.
  • This event provides both a conflict and a resolution. The conflict that is introduced is that now, both Maya and Starr have basically ended their relationship with Hailey. This could cause possible conflict as the story develops. The resolution that is shown is that Starr is no longer upset with Maya, and they have both agreed to support one another therefore strengthening their bond.