Updated: 10/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Maybe it will help me stay focused and help me do some work? I am going to try it
  • I wonder what would happen if I tried some of my friends ADHD medicine?
  • I am going to go home and do my work!
  • I feel...amazing. I can definitely do my work now. ohh ohh this is awesome
  • I am Great, I tried some of my friends ADHD medicine! It is amazing!
  • Hello, how are you?
  • Haha, don't worry, I will only use it once, it is to help me with my work. do you want to try some?
  • You did what!? you tried someone elses medicine? but it is not made for you!
  • Here, you can have this, i think i am going to have some more too, maybe even a bit more than before.
  • Ok, I guess there is no harm in trying...?
  • Sadly The two of them have passed from heart attacks caused bymethylphenidate. Rest in peace