How Huck escapes
Updated: 3/8/2021
How Huck escapes

Storyboard Text

  • Huck cuts a hole in the wall to use for his escape.
  • I will finally be able to make my escape once i cut out this hole.
  • Huck finds a canoe and has the idea to use it for his escape.
  • I can use this canoe to make my way up the river.
  • Huck gathers supplies and bring with him.
  • I must get all these supplies to the canoe.
  • Huck goes into the woods and shoots a pig.
  • I will use this pig to fake my death
  • Huck uses the pig to make the inside of the cabin look like Huck had been murdered.
  • This pig works great to make it look like i have been murdered
  • Huck finally escapes and is free from his father.
  • I am finally free and will be able to do whatever i want