Rainsford Rhetorical Appeals

Updated: 9/10/2020
Rainsford Rhetorical Appeals

Storyboard Text

  • But Sir, just think about the sailors families. They may no longer have financial aid. They will never know what happened to them. And these people have a life, you cannot unfairly take it. They have things to do they will never get the chance to if you kill them
  • Pathos
  • And just think once. Eventually people will notice that ships are going missing. They WILL investigate. And it may take a while but they will trace the chips path and your island may be secluded, but people will discover it eventually. they will notice the ships debris and your light leading them here!
  • Logos
  • In the first scene, Rainsford was trying to appeal to Zaroff emotional by bringing up what would happen to the families of the sailor. He brought up the possibility of a family losing financial aid. He also talked about not getting the chance to do many things in life. This would normally make someone feel bad.In the second scene he tried to appeal to him logically. He was trying to convince him that soon people would discover the missing ships and slowly trace it back to his island. Even if his island is secluded someone will find it eventually. This was an attempt to connect with Zaroff's logical and smart side and convincing him it isn't worth the risk.