mars ep 2
Updated: 1/12/2021
mars ep 2

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • 2:yea did you?
  • 3:I just got a text.
  • all phones go BING
  • 1:did you guys just get a text message?
  • faint: sirens going off
  • 4:its from Jonas!
  • louder and closer: sirens going off
  • 1:is it me or are those sirens getting louder!
  • 6:maybe the last number on the alarm code was an 8.
  • 4:you're hearing how close it is right
  • 3:what does that mean?
  • 5:toothpick was the alarm definitely disabled ?
  • 2:I don't understand the text Abmasters?!
  • louder and closer: sirens going off
  • 3:run run run run (Echo continues) !!!!!!!
  • 2:what do we do ?!!?
  • 1:police officer: We know you're in the house don't make us come out to you!!!!!!