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Atom Evolution
Updated: 10/21/2019
Atom Evolution
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Timeline of how our idea of the atom grew to what it is today.

Storyboard Text

  • FOR THE LAST TIME there is no empty space, and there are only four elements!
  • Matter is made of atomos, something that can't be divided, created, or destroyed. And they have empty space.
  • Democritus (right) and Aristotle (left)
  • John Dalton
  • Democritus was right about atoms not being able to be divided, created or destroyed, but my Atomic Theory and atom model are a good addition to our knowledge...
  • JJ Thompson
  • All of these other people had something right, but my experiment showed that there are negatively charged electrons in atoms and I made a new model!
  • Ernest Rutherford (left) and James Chadwick (right)
  • MY gold foil experiment proved that there is a nucleus AND positive protons in an atom
  • But I proved that there are also neutrons in an atom... WHY MUST I GET NO CREDIT!!!
  • My energy levels and discovery that electrons closer to the nucleus have less energy than ones farther away in addition to my new model makes for a neat, easy to graph model!
  • Neils Bohr
  • Nothing in life is so perfect as to move in perfect order, so electrons must not follow a traceable path, but instead be scattered in clouds of chaos...
  • Ervin Schrodinger
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