Unknown Story

Updated: 3/31/2021
Unknown Story

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  • the brothers talking
  • Alex its crazy to think that our people have to collect food from the nature, we have to go out in any type of weather to find plants and hunt for meat to live.
  • don't forget how hard it is find enough food to feed the whole village, and how hard todays hunt might be because we just resettled here.
  • all the men in the village starting there hunt to forage for food. They were going out to hunt for anything they could eat, and or survive on.
  • *lets pretend all this scenes are in the mountains*
  • You guys ever just think if we find a animal with a disease or something wrong with it it will spread to everyone in our village b/c we live so close.
  • *this is Miguel, Daniel, Sin, Don
  • *this is Alex, Jose, and Angel*
  • we meet back here once the sun goes down.. We would know its here b/c of the mark on the tree
  • where they get attacked by snakes at
  • scavenging through the woods to find the other group... Banging his "tools" together so the rest of the men can hear he was trying to get in hold of him
  • Don coming through the woods.
  • This is when Don scares the animals off because he started to bang his "tools" together to find the other men in the village