Narrative Arc
Updated: 1/15/2021
Narrative Arc

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  • Etienne LeykinThe Poet XElizabeth AcevedoStrong, moving
  • The rising action is happening while Xiomara's life is going downhill. Many things in here life are going wrong. Mami does not approve of her, and she is struggling with finding herself. On page 22, Xiomara asks what would happen if she did not do her confirmation in church, and her mother replied. “Mira, muchacha,”she starts, “I will feed and clothe no heathens.” Even though Xiomara does not want to do the confirmation, she has to because her mother will disown her.
  • The climax of the story happens when Xiomaara's mother finds her diary. She had been using the diary as a way to cope, and she had written many things that her mother would not approve of. On page 252, lines 13-16, her mother says,"You think I don’t knowenough English to figure out you talk about boysand church and me? To know all these terrible things you think?" This is the climax because her life is going to change drastically. Her mother is not going to be kind about the things written in the journal.
  • I think that the falling action happens when Xiomara goes to talk to Aman about her problems. He is going to help her out, and give her some advice about how to make up with mami. After she finishes talking, she describes her feelings with, "And smoke must still be lodged in my chest,because it hurts so much when I’m done speaking." (Page 268 Line 7). She let all her feelings out, and I think that things will get better for her.
  • The resolution happens when mami hosts a party, and invites Aman. This is her way of forgiving Xiomara, and trying to show that she is going to be more accepting. This is surprising, because she disliked Aman so much.
  • This story is set in Harlem. "But since they barely say two wordsto each other unless it’s about us or dinner,we’re always listening when they speakand these flimsy Harlem wallsbarely muffle any sound. " (Page 56 lines 4-8)