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Jacob's Deception
Updated: 12/6/2019
Jacob's Deception
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  • Getting Some Game
  • 1. Hunt me some game, and bring it back so I can bless you.
  • Mother's plan
  • 2. But mother, Esau is hairy and I'm smooth!
  • MeanWhile
  • 3. Just obey me!
  • 1. I heard Isaac tell Esau to get him some game, now you get some goats
  • Goatnapping
  • Isaac asked Esau to hunt him an animal to eat. Esau put on his best armor and his trusty bow and ran off.
  • Roasted goat
  • Esau's mother overheard Isaac, and makes Jacobget the blessing instead.
  • The Final Moment
  • 1. How did you get this?
  • Jacob gets two goatsfor his mother tocook.
  • Questions Until Blessing
  • 6. I don't think this is really Esau...
  • 1. Will you come closer and KISS me...
  • 3. Are you really Esau?
  • Jacob watches his mother, Rebecca, cook the two goats. Jacob doesn't feel right seeing the goats get cooked.
  • Jacob takes meat and wine to his father. Isaac is curious of Jacob and they both stand up.
  • 2. Your God directed me.
  • 3. Come outside with me so I may feel you.
  • Isaac doesn't know if this is Jacob or Esau because he is blind, but he does it anyway.
  • 5. Bless you.
  • 2. Y-Y-Yes
  • 4. Yes
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