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Updated: 3/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • In this scene Lady Macbeth is berating Macbeth for having second thoughts on committing regicide and is telling him what she thinks of people who break there word and what she would do if she had to keep her word
  • You are no man real men keep their words no matter how scared
  • In this scene Banquo and fleance have just come outside and are chatting about the time and that they should sleep and Banquo explains that he cant sleep because he is having nightmares
  • How’s the night going, boy?
  • In this scene Banquo tells Macbeth how much the king is enjoying his stay and how much he like Lady Macbeth. Then he tell Macbeth about how he dreams of the witches that told Macbeth he would be king.
  • I didn't give it a second thought
  • I am having nightmares about those witches
  • In this scene Macbeth hallucinates a bloody dagger floating above him and he takes this as a sign from a higher being that he should murder King Duncan.
  • Is this a dagger which I see before me,The handle toward my hand?
  • In this scene Macbeth is sneaking up to kill the king with a dagger he is having no more second thoughts but after he kills the king he is horrified at what he has done and runs away leaving the knife. The witches are making sacrifices to the goddess Hecate as they are evil beings
  • In this scene the servant has found the kings body and is alerting everyone in the castle of the kings demise she is destrought about the death that is why she is crying.
  • The king is dead the king is dead! Rest his sole