EL-How to reduce pollution
Updated: 11/28/2020
EL-How to reduce pollution

Storyboard Text

  • Hi I`m punith and I will tell small changes in your daily life to contribute no or less pollution to save the environment.
  • Let`s separate the trash into plastic waste, metal waste, paper waste and food waste. Don`t throw the trash on the road and dump it into the dust bin or the garbage truck
  • Don`t dump trash into the water. Water is essential for sustainable development and aquatic life won`t survive in earths polluted water
  • stop using plastic bottles and bags and start using glass bottles and paper or cloth bags because plastic doesn`t biodegrade properly
  • Stop deforestation and plant more trees because trees cool the planet earth and give us oxygen
  • We can start car pools and ride a bicycle to school instead of riding a bike or scooter and use the bus if it`s available
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