Atividade de Inglês
Updated: 9/27/2020
Atividade de Inglês

Storyboard Text

  • Then give me the knife. I'll cover the savants with Duncan's blood
  • I can't go there again, I'm too afraid to see him dead.
  • I'm going to England. I'll be safer there and perhaps I can find men to help us.
  • I'll go to Ireland. They showed no mercy to our father, they'll show no mercy to us.
  • I have to go, because I have so many things to do before the banquet.
  • After killing Duncan while he was sleeping, Macbeth was too afraid to blame the servants, so Lady Macbeth did it, she covered them with the King's blood and put the knife in their room. After all, they went sleep like nothing happened.
  • Malcolm and Donalbain, Duncan's sons, decided to escape because they were afraid they would also be murdered, so they went to different countries without saying goodbye to anyone and everyone thought that was suspicious and started to think that Ducan was murdered by his own sons.
  • As Duncan's sons had fled, Macbeth was crowned king. After the ceremony, Macbeth was alone in the room and he started to think about the witches' prophecy and he got worried when he remembered that Banquo's sons would also become kings, so he decided that both had to die.